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New Free Webinar: Unconventional Solar Applications

While we know solar can be a great way to reduce energy costs for your residence or business, there are so many ways to apply solar technology to projects outside the standard use cases. If you’ve worked in the solar industry for a while, you’ve undoubtedly had a friend or acquaintance ask you your thoughts […]

50% Discount for Advanced Greywater Design Course Ending Soon

Laura Allen, co-founder of Greywater Action, is launching an Advanced Greywater Design course on the HeatSpring platform this August. Initial students helping to launch this new, in-depth course will receive 50% off the course enrollment when they register before June 30th. Simply use the discount code “greywatersupporter” when enrolling. 

Students will learn how to tap into […]

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New Free Course: Introduction to Greywater Systems

For many, water scarcity is a fact of life. In fact, 51% of the United States was in drought as of March 2022. The Southwest is facing a particularly severe drought which began in 2000 and has continued ever since.  A recent study noted that the megadrought in the western United States is the driest […]

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New Free Course: Natural Beekeeping for Beginners

HeatSpring is launching a brand new free course on Natural Beekeeping for Beginners. Honeybees are essential to healthy ecosystems and a healthy planet. Through their regular feeding habits, honeybees pollinate plants so they can reproduce, make fruit, and produce all the edible, medicinal, and functional crops that humans and animals rely upon. 

Despite their importance to […]

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New Free Course: Introduction to Ecological Design

Designing with natural patterns and principles in mind can help us to make better, healthier choices for ourselves and the world around us. As permaculture co-originator David Holmgren said, “Design is as natural as breathing and, like breathing, most of us can learn to do it better.” 

In HeatSpring’s new free course, Introduction to Ecological Design, […]

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