On February 7, 2021 Rachel Chambers finished a “Module Fundamentals” video in her NABCEP Solar PV Associate Course. She’s getting her PVA credential to level-up in her Solar Photovoltaic Designer role at Southern Current in Charleston, SC.

People like Rachel do this all the time. It’s happening right now. The only reason it’s a big deal is because that assignment Rachel completed was the millionth assignment completed on HeatSpring since our first online course in 2011.

One million is a big number

One million lessons learned. One million skills enhanced. One million boxes checked. One million steps toward a stronger renewable energy industry.

This has only been possible because there’s a lot of opportunity in renewable energy. We can build great courses but if nobody is motivated to take them then they won’t do any good. HeatSpring can only be relevant if our customers are succeeding.

Since 2011 our self-developed online classroom & course-building software has set the standard for online training in the solar and cleantech industries. Thousands of students and instructors alike love our intuitive course experience. We’ve been proud to be one small part of the growth in renewable energy jobs.

The real impact is way bigger

HeatSpring began in 2006 at Babson College. Our first training was a highly technical professional certification for geothermal heat pump installation held in an empty classroom and we trained thousands of geothermal, solar, and home performance contractors in a similar format all over the country for the next four years.

It wasn’t until 2011 that we committed to online education. At that time people said you can’t learn these things online. We agree that hands-on experience is essential, but the nature of this work has evolved. So many design, installation, sales, finance, project management skills happen electronically and online education is actually the perfect way to learn them.

Committed to real human interaction

One thing we’ve never waivered on is the value of human connection. Online courses that foster connection between an expert and the learners are so much more valuable than just getting access to content. Content is essential, but a connection with your teacher is a multiplier that increases the value exponentially. 

Students walk away from HeatSpring courses with tangible skills and knowledge that they can apply to their work and use to advance their career. Outstanding student satisfaction is reflected in our average course rating of 9.1 out of 10 for all active paid courses on the platform.

Our experts work hard to build and run their courses and have typically worked for decades in the industry. We are proud to have paid out over $5 million in royalties to instructors for sharing their knowledge. We operate under a revenue share model and instructors, affiliates and parters earn most of your enrollment fees, fairly and in true entrepreneurial spirit.

Thank you

We would have to go get real jobs if it weren’t for the HeatSpring community: an audience of 79,000 professionals. There are currently 182 courses available on the platform and students have completed 1,003,327 assignments (and counting) in those courses. We care deeply for the industries, experts and professionals we represent and also hold great respect for customer experience, educational quality and operational integrity.

We’re sending Rachel a gift card as congratulations for completing the one millionth assignment on the HeatSpring platform. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Now let’s see how fast we can get to 2,000,000.