In this free course, sustainable building expert Ann Edminster discusses the uses of water in sustainable building practices.Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 4.58.18 PM

Enroll and learn about…
-The distribution of water on Earth
-How water gets to and leaves building sites
-How water is used on building sites
-Getting to “zero net” water with strategies, including:
Indoor efficiency, outdoor efficiency, storm water use, rainwater use, grey water use and black water use
-Sustainable water solutions at scale

Note: this course was built with content from the original Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) course.

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Ann Edminster – owner/founder, Design AVEnues LLC

Ann V. Edminster, M. Arch, founder/principal of Design AVEnues, is an expert residential net-zero energy consultant, green building teacher, speaker, and author. She consults with builders, developers, software startups, design firms, investors, utilities, public agencies, and homeowners, providing unmatched knowledge of sustainable and regenerative design and construction. She has 35 years of design experience and has guided project teams in the creation of hundreds of award-winning, high-performance homes. Her leadership and contributions – including facilitation, research, and analysis that shaped the LEED for Homes rating system – create healthy, vibrant living spaces, protect the environment, and provide economic benefits.