Here are the powerhouse solar courses you don’t want to miss:

  • Megawatt Design – Master large-scale solar project design, learn how to get your projects permitted and installed faster and cheaper. Access valuable tools and resources, while advancing your career and the solar industry and connecting with a network of professionals.
  • Advanced Solar + Storage – Master a technical understanding of residential, commercial and utility-scale solar-plus-storage systems. Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial models, policy, emerging markets and opportunities with a 20 year industry veteran.
  • Financial Modeling for Solar PV Projects – Gain a quantitative understanding of solar project valuation, and access tools, techniques, and formulas necessary for efficient and reliable modeling. Download sample models of an unstructured income statement, a partnership flip, and a sale-leaseback while enjoying 5 weeks of expert-taught content.
  • Batteries in Solar PV Systems Choose the best battery size and fit for your residential solar PV application — whether your battery is a back up, or your working with an off-grid, stand alone system. Learn the intricacies of solar battery design, specification, use, and maintenance of batteries for residential systems. 
  • Solar Power 101 –  Brand new to solar? This course is for you. Learn about solar technology, business, finance and markets from behind-the-meter applications including residential, commercial, and industrial projects to multi-megawatt utility-scale projects.
  • Microgrid Design & Implementation – Get a detailed view of the components that go into a microgrid as well as guidance on how to develop a business model, evaluate financing options and navigate policy through case studies and existing project data. You’ll also learn about promising and emerging opportunities in the industry.
  • NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam PrepAccess a 70-question practice exam and explanation video to pass the notoriously difficult NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam. Just $40 lets you familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll encounter, assess your preparedness, identify areas that require further study and discuss the exam with other course participants.

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