The above video is part 2 in a 5 part series HeatSpring created with BrightGrid Renewable Energy Finance for solar installers about solar financing and solar leases.

You can watch the full 5 part series “How to User Solar Leases to Grow your Business” here, right now. You can watch the first interview on what residential solar companies need to do to successfully offer a solar lease.

The purpose of the series is extremely simple, the solar lease is becoming required for solar installers looking to sell to mass market clients. However, in order for a solar company to successful offer a solar lease, there is some basic information they must understand.

In part 2, I talked with Mathew Vazzzana and how a residential solar lease works and what installers need to know to sell it’s value.

Solar Lease 101

Here is what you’ll learn in this video

  • How does a solar lease work? What is the basic information an installer needs to know about a lease that is different from a cash only sale?
  • What are an installers responsibilities when offering a lease?
  • How offering a lease can be more beneficial, from a cash flow perspective, for residential installers.
  • Why BrightGrid trains installers to focus on monthly savings when doing sales and marketing trainings for new dealers
  • How does the credit application process work? For a cash sale, a consumers credit does not matter. How does the addition process of a credit check impact the sale of a leased system?
  • How do you deal with clients with different credit ratings?
  • Does the installer deal with the credit process or does the financer? How streamline is the process?
  • The average person stays in their home for 7 years, leases are 20 year contracts. How did you build the lease with flexibility in mind so that people can move and not have any issues?
  • How do you deal with customers that might question how a lease can be better investment then purchasing a system for cash if the financing company must make money?
  • What are the specific commercial benefits that BrightGrid can take advantage of that a residential client cannot?

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If you are a solar installer and you have questions or would like to work with BrightGrid, you canĀ get more information about their residential financing product here.

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