Learn about the potential of community microgrids in this new short course.

Microgrid Institute Director Michael Burr provides a comprehensive introduction to how community microgrids work, what problems they can solve, and how market trends are driving microgrid development, in his $30 course!

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Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge about how microgrids work and what needs they are designed to address.
  • Learn how market factors are driving microgrid deployment and causing evolution in technologies and designs.
  • Become familiar with key regulatory, business, and financing factors affecting microgrid development.
  • Clarify understanding of how to consider and plan local resilient energy projects.

Enroll in Resilient Community Microgrids: An Introduction today and learn about three key factors affecting community microgrid development: regulatory issues, business models; and financing options.

About instructor Michael Burr – Director, Microgrid Institute

Mtb mugshot 201603a crop.png?ixlib=rb 1.1Michael T. Burr is Founder and Director of Microgrid Institute, and Founding Partner of Microgrid Finance Group LLC. He leads collaborative initiatives to accelerate adoption of advanced energy technologies. He has produced more than 20 volumes of energy industry journals, and led numerous workshops and authoritative research studies. From 2007 through 2014 he served as editor-in-chief of Public Utilities Fortnightly, the journal of record for the U.S. investor-owned utility industry. He lives in Minnesota with his wife of 28 years and their three sons.