Dan Dempsey isn’t prone to hyperbole. He’s a midwestern engineer – not a salesman with an agenda. The kind of guy you can trust when he tells you something.

That’s why I asked Dan to help me understand what electrification means for HVAC business owners. What are the most important changes that HVAC companies need to make, right now? Dan gave me two – one opportunity and one threat. In this video you’ll meet Dan and hear the about the the first one: new refrigerants.

New refrigerants aren’t just an inconvenience. Replacing combustion appliances with heat pumps offers an opportunity for your HVAC business to grow revenue and expand into other products related to electrification. We have two courses that might be interesting for you if this opportunity sounds intriguing:

This is the first in a two-part series on the Future of HVAC. Next, Dan will talk about what he sees as the biggest opportunity for growth in the HVAC business over the next ten years.