c39f776312f3d5cf20f609f0d729b2b9Ever heard of David Bainbridge? He’s a prolific writer and thinker within sustainable building and agriculture. He founded the Passive Solar Institute and published dozens of papers and books on topics ranging from irrigation to ‘true cost’ accounting.

David’s thirty minute lecture, “The Marriage Between Building & Site – The Art of Placemaking“, including a PDF copy the presentation slides, is now available for free. Free registration includes access to the discussion board where participants can discuss the material.

About David Bainbridge

David Bainbridge grew up in the West in a small town working in the family toy factory and enjoying the rivers, mountains and sage covered hills. After earning his BA in Earth Sciences at UC San Diego in 1970, he headed to UC Davis to complete an MS in Ecology in the multidisciplinary Eco-Grad Program. He started a company doing environmental impact analysis, then transitioned to a solar research and design firm, Living Systems, where he worked on community design, passive solar heating and cooling, building codes and solar rights. His research on passive solar heating and cooling led him to the California Energy Commission as a solar specialist, where he earned a commendation for my work on the passive section of the state Solar Tax Credit program. He then established the Passive Solar Institute to continue research, education, and consulting on solar design and energy conservation.

David started work on straw bale building systems in 1985 with a consulting project for a farmer, an interest that eventually led to the completion of The Straw Bale House in 1994. After the collapse in energy prices dampened interest in solar energy in the early 1980s he returned to academia and worked on desert restoration at UC Riverside and San Diego State University from 1986-2001. In 1995 he started teaching at Alliant International University, where he retired as Associate Professor of Sustainable Management in the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. His current research involves micro-irrigation, cool pool design, and true cost accounting.

8653_588747637832304_950148719_n (1)This free lecture is part of a webinar series inspired by the Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program