Construction communication methodology is a critical, yet rarely discussed, element that shapes the overall outcomes of a construction project and the experiences of those working there. With the countless timely needs that require our focus on construction projects, it can be difficult to be intentional about the way we communicate. Nonetheless, communication strongly impacts everyone’s productivity and effectiveness and should always be a focus for construction professionals. 

To address the need for more effective construction communication, Amy Powell, the owner and founder of WellWorks, is now offering her introductory course – Construction Communication Methodology – for free on HeatSpring. 

About the Course

As Amy explains in her course introduction, understanding the challenging nature of our industry often leads to a root cause: communication. From labor shortages to managing others, initiating action within teams, dealing with conflict, and handling stress, the success of our actions largely depends on how we communicate. It’s a complex task that requires a lot of work to learn, practice, and master.

One way that we can improve communication skills in construction is by understanding the difference between management and leadership. While we manage things and processes, we lead people. When we recognize and understand this, then we can use communication tools more effectively. 

Another concept Amy discusses in the course is awareness of the energy expended in communication. Despite commonly talking about time management as a skill, we can’t actually manage or control time. Rather, what we have control over is the amount of energy we apply towards a task within a unit of time.

Throughout the course, it becomes clear that understanding the correct tools for communication and utilizing them effectively are important steps towards improving project outcomes in the construction industry. As people skills continue to be integral for industry growth, it’s important to remember that our words, actions, and behavior all play pivotal roles in determining the success of a project.

About the Instructor

Since her introduction to the construction industry in 2004, Amy has accumulated immense experience in project management roles. After a few years in the industry, she was tasked with creating and running a training program for project engineers, project managers, and superintendents. In this role, she found that she loved training and wanted to get even more impactful at it, so she got a Master’s in Adult Education and launched her company, Well Works, where she continues to create significant impact with her construction field leadership and communication training programs.

To learn more about honing your communication skills, enroll in the Construction Communication Methodology course today.