We are excited to introduce a new course format, developed by veteran HeatSpring instructor Keith Cronin. We are now accepting enrollments in Keith’s Solar Business Masterclass. In 2011 Keith helped us develop what would become our most popular course, the Solar Executive MBA Training. He has interacted with and taught thousands of solar professionals from around the world through HeatSpring courses.

Keith’s new offering, the Solar Business Masterclass brings an exciting new format to the HeatSpring platform. Students who enroll in the Solar Business Masterclass will get access to a full online course developed by Keith as well as ongoing bi-weekly live webinars hosted by Keith. The course includes over 8 hours of lecture videos (preview course videos here) as well as a discussion board to interact with fellow students and post questions for Keith. Subscribers will be invited to live webinars hosted by Keith every other week for as long as your subscription remains active. All webinars are be recorded and archived for future viewing.


Course Description from Keith

In the course I’ve included:

  • Over 8 hours of video training
  • Excel tools to manage your business
  • Procedure documents that will automate your daily tasks
  • Service agreements to generate consistent income (and new leads)
  • Marketing strategies to reach more clients
  • Budgeting tools everyone can understand and follow in your company
  • Partnership strategies to work with your local businesses
  • Recruiting, hiring and retention tools to build your team
  • Flat rate pricing manuals to provide proposals to your clients on the spot
  • Self-funding techniques to prepare for your retirement
  • Copywriting methods that are used by Madison Avenue and Disney
  • How to get your clients to give you testimonials to get you more business
  • Project management software that is easy to use for your whole team
  • How to share the profits from your business with your team
  • Learn how to sell your gross margin versus just making sales
  • And much, much more…… view full outline

We will also have:

  • Webinars – every other week for as long as you want
  • Access to our discussion board to post any questions you might have about the content
  • Submit any assignment or question privately to me

Here is a list of webinar topics we’re going to be covering.

  1. How to get more clients into your business?
  2. How to hire the best people?
  3. How to get sales and operations to work closely together?
  4. How to create recurring revenue in your business
  5. How to market your business to offer other services?
  6. How to sell less in your business but make more profits
  7. How to sell your gross margin and explain it easily to your team?
  8. How to create an operations manual for your company?
  9. How to setup processes and procedures in your company?
  10. How to use flat rate pricing in your business
  11. How to know what your overhead costs are and how to manage them
  12. How to create a customer service process?
  13. How to improve your project management workflow?
  14. How to create a testimonial video?
  15. How to respond to RFP’s to get you more business
  16. How to understand what potential clients are thinking before doing business with you
  17. How to self-fund your retirement
  18. How to do open book management in your company
  19. How to say no to business?
  20. How to use storytelling in your business to get more clients
  21. How to leverage the largest opportunity on the planet for your business?
  22. How to market your company like google?
  23. How service contracts keep you busy all year round
  24. How to partner with other local businesses
  25. How to pay sales people?
  26. How to reward success?

You can stay as long as you like. There are no commitments to stay. If you try it and believe it’s not for you, we’ll cancel your membership. Just send us an email.

To get you started, we’re going to mail you three books to get you hyper-focused on the things that matter in your business.

  • Ethical Persuasion to Ethical Profits – How To Find More Clients & More Colleagues Fast & Make More Money In Your Business
  • Solar Playbook- How To Make Your Company’s System Based For Success
  • Solar Success Principles – How To Make A Difference And A Fortune In the Green Economy

These will complement the content in the members’ area. It will also give you time away from the computer and distractions of your day. Setting aside quiet time to read and put into practice will build the consistency in yourself and your colleagues.

This is the recipe I used to grow, scale and sell my business and I want to help you.

Learn More – Solar Business Masterclass


You’re probably wondering right now- “Should I enroll?” And before you do…before you make that decision to enroll right now today….here’s what I want you to do.

Let’s list the pros and cons


  • Personal help from me- we meet online every other week with the group live
  • We look at how to get you more business, help with strategies to find more colleagues
  • We working on crunching your numbers to make you more profits
  • You get to talk to others in the course and see what questions being answered on the discussion board and during our live calls
  • You get to see what’s working for them and get some ideas that you might not have known that existed
  • They might ask questions that you didn’t even consider or know you might need help with – That’s A Huge Benefit
  • You’ll get to implement what we discussed and work on that in your business
  • You have questions about sales, client services, flat rate pricing, recruiting, exit strategies- we work on – Just Like I’m In Your Office
  • Private community- the more you contribute, the more others contribute and it becomes contagious
  • Proven methodology
  • You don’t need to sell hard to help others
  • You’ll learn not getting every client is ok and you helped educate them- good karma


  • Not for everyone. If you’re not willing to do this and implement the stuff and be serious about it, it’s not going to work for you
  • Not for people that don’t want to be in business or in a leadership role. Everyone is not an entrepreneur and that’s ok.
  • This is not cheap. It’s an investment of money
  • Time – you’ll need to put in the hours to learn. This might be a barrier to you

Still have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about this course for more information and answers to commonly asked questions.

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