Breakdown of exam topics pulled from NABCEP's "PV Technical Sales Resource Guide"

Breakdown of exam topics pulled from NABCEP’s “PV Technical Sales Resource Guide”

If you click in the image it will take you to the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Resource Guide. It’s a 28-page document that is definitely worth an hour for any solar salesperson. That’s how IREC and NABCEP define your role and what they expect you to know to pass the test and gain certification.

Who Takes NABCEP Solar PV Technical Sales Exam?

Not many people, actually. I was told there are tens of thousands of NABCEP Solar PV Associates (i.e. people who have passed the NABCEP Entry Level Exam or documented the necessary work experience), 2,000 PV Installation Professionals, and probably just a few hundred PV Technical Sales Professionals. The whole industry skews toward the technical stuff, I think, so I guess it’s not that surprising. I think this will change as the industry continues to mature and the equipment and installations become more standardized. The balance in companies will shift toward a higher concentration of sales and finance folks, and the NABCEP is really the only credential around for professionals who want to stand out.

Maybe you’re taking the exam? If so, I can’t think of a better guy to help you pass it than Dr. Sean White. He’s written yet another solar PV book; this one is completely dedicated to preparing people to pass the NABCEP Solar PV Technical Sales Exam. We’re running a discussion group facilitated by Sean that will be a great way to prepare for the exam: NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam Prep Discussion Group. This discussion group will be based on Sean’s book and allow participants to ask Sean questions for 5 weeks.

Learn to Pass the NABCEP PV Sales Exam with Dr. Sean White