HeatSpring has recently been accepted as an approved training provider by the ArmyIgnited Credentialing Assistance Program. Soldiers may apply for funding to complete our 58-Hour NABCEP Advanced PV Certification Training Series as well as for all NABCEP application and exam fees for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam.

Currently the tuition maximum allowable amount is $4,000 per year following the military fiscal year schedule. To learn more details and begin an application, Soldiers can visit ArmyIgnited.com. Once the application is approved, HeatSpring will generate an invoice which will be paid by the Army Credentialing Assistance finance office.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the industry gold standard for solar certifications and credentials. The NABCEP PV Installation Professional Board Certification is the most recognized and respected credential in the solar industry. Many manufacturers, state licensing agencies and solar incentive programs require installers have some level of NABCEP credential.

HeatSpring is an approved accredited training provider with NABCEP and HeatSpring certificates of completion can be used as documentation with NABCEP for the required 58 hours of “Advanced PV Training” required to sit for the PV Installation Professional Certification exam.

Providing access to quality credentialing opportunities is a strategic investment that enhances a Soldier’s ability to support mission accomplishment and successfully return to civilian life. Making these credentialing programs available to Soldiers provides ways to advance their personal education and career aspirations and prepares them for future career and technical pursuits, both inside and outside of the Department of the Army.

In a recent survey to NABCEP Certified Professionals conducted by HeatSpring, 70% say that having NABCEP Certification has increased their salary or income. NABCEP’s own research has shown that NABCEP Certified Professionals earn on average $11,000 more per year than their non-certified counterparts.