The PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Board Certification was created for those who have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in qualifying prospects, site analysis, performance analysis and financial incentives of PV systems. PVTS Board Certified Professionals can collect technical requirements, analyze customer needs to determine energy usage to advise and provide customers with the most appropriate solution for their situation.


There are seven(!) ways to qualify for the PVTS exam, based on your work experience and educational background anywhere between 0-60 hours of Advanced PV Training are required to sit for the PVTS Exam.

Our NABCEP PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Certification Prep bundle saves you money and time in getting all of the hours and knowledge you need to pass the exam.

Read the NABCEP Handbook to see all of the pathways explained in full. There you’ll also find:

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Experience Requirements
  • Documenting Experience

Preparing for the Exam

We offer a NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam Prep Discussion Group. By participating in this group you will have the opportunity to become comfortable with the format of the exam.


HeatSpring will provide you with all of the documentation you need for your courses. The following is a list of documents and materials that an applicant must submit with their PVTS Application: 

Applicants applying under Categories A or B – To document training, the Applicant must submit a certificate of completion or a transcript for each completed accredited training program or course used to meet the minimum training requirements. All certificates of completion and transcripts must clearly state that the course covered subject matter directly relates to the PVTS JTA. If the subject matter of the course is not clearly stated in the title, then the Applicant must provide a course outline or syllabus and a signed letter on letterhead from the training provider or instructor which details how many hours were spent covering the PVTS JTA or relevant codes. Course(s) must have been taken with an accredited institution. 

Applicants applying under Categories C or D – copy of the official diploma or academic transcript from an accredited educational institution. 

Applicants applying under Categories E or F – Copies of the credential certificate or license indicating current, active status as a credential holder or licensee in good standing. 

NABCEP PV Associate Examination Requirement 

Categories A, B, C and F require an applicant to successfully pass the NABCEP PV Associate Examination, which demonstrates a basic understanding of PV system design and installation. 

The NABCEP PV Associate Examination is not a certification exam. Training courses directly related to preparation for the NABCEP PV Associate Examination will not count towards the requisite training hours for Categories A and B.

You can take your NABCEP PV Associate exam at the conclusion of the: NABCEP PV Associate Prep Course