From building science to retrofits, energy modeling, smart homes, and beyond, HeatSpring offers a comprehensive marketplace of green building courses. Join your expert instructors for weeks of top notch technical training.

  • Deep Energy Retrofits – Upgrade existing residential and commercial buildings up to 45,000 square feet. From building assessment to heat and airflow calculations and beyond, you’ll learn to optimize a building for maximum energy efficiency.
  • ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation for Single-Family DwellingsLearn best practices for calculating ventilation requirements, optimizing equipment selection, and understanding where the ASHRAE standards are headed. Access calculators and design tools for winning and completing jobs faster and with greater confidence. See why over 70 students have enrolled and rated the course a 9 out of 10.
  • Mastering Building Science Deepen your understanding of the framework, systems, and techniques needed to make your buildings resource-efficient, comfortable, and durable. Dr. Allison Bailes lends his expertise for 8 weeks of content about heat, air, and moisture flows within and across building enclosures, and the conditions that occupants impose on the indoor environment.
  • Energy Modeling in eQuest  Become the go-to energy modeler on an integrated design team. Learn to build and run commercial energy models using the U.S. Department of Energy’s eQUEST tool. 
  • Building Automation – LIVE – What makes a building “smart”? How are these systems integrated? This class provides a 6-week, in-depth introduction to smart buildings and the terminology and concepts currently used in the industry. 
  • Advanced Commercial Roofing – Design state-of-the-art commercial roofing systems. Access key principles and tools for every major type of roofing material available,  including the latest in membranes, insulations, and accessories.
  • Home Performance Sales Leadership Elite salespeople must understand the tools, dashboards and approaches of modern home performance sales. Michael Rogers’ course is packed with technical, applicable content, and allows students to access a full set of tools, templates, and pro formas to start selling today.
  • Starts Anytime: Passive House Design – Passive House is widely considered one of the most energy efficient building standards in the world, as well as the most challenging to meet. Move beyond theory and into the realm of practical application with Mike Duclos. Learn about Passive House requirements, products, construction considerations and much more.
  • Starts Anytime: Passive House in the Real World – Architects, builders, homeowners, utility incentive program designers, government officials, and anyone interested in building science: Learn how to apply rigorous Passive House principles to real-world projects. This course provides a brief overview and then dives into tips, tricks, and common pitfalls.
  • Starts Anytime: Net Zero Water for Buildings and Sites – Push the boundaries of green building and sustainable water use. Achieve independence from municipal infrastructure through engineering, rainfall harvesting, conservation, onsite treatment, storage and water recycling. 

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