Solar guys have been good at show-casing their best solar installations to the public and politicians – the geothermal industry needs to step up and begin to showcase our best installations as well. PR and customer awarnress are key; a recent report by Pike Research shows that while there is huge upside for geothermal, its currently only 1% of the HVAC market. The main obstacles to adoption? Customer awareness. This is a problem we can fix.

If you’re new to the geothermal heat pump industry, read the Geothermal 101 Reading list. It has free tools and articles on geothermal design and installation, and sales and marketing best practices.

Here are a few high-profile geothermal installations that come to mind. Do you know of any more? If yes, PLEASE let us know by commenting below or emailing me at so we can spread the news.

Planet Traveller Hotel

Geothermal is heating and cooling the greenest hotels in the world. The property uses 75% less energy then traditional buildings. It’s located in Toronto, Canada. See the great video that explains the story of the building below.

Geothermal is powering the Statue of Liberty

President Bush Uses Geothermal in his 4,000 Square Foot Texas Ranch