site visit checklist

Why create a Geothermal Site Visit Checklist?

The site visit can be a geothermal company’s greatest asset or greatest liability. It will be an asset if it can be done efficiently, if it collects standardized information that can be used for accurately quoting jobs and creating compelling sales proposals that meet the client’s needs. Site visits will be a company’s greatest liability if they are a waste of time, or worse, lead to bad designs and installations that don’t work.

The goal of the checklist is to be extremely simple and low tech.  It will ensures that enough information is collected so that work is performed efficiently and profitably. Geothermal site visits can be more complex then other types of renewable energy systems so it’s key to have a standard process so the sales team doesn’t forget anything the design team needs, and the design team has what they need to make great projects happen.

The site checklist will focuses on 3 areas

1 – Customer Sentiment. In order to properly qualify a client and create a sales proposal that addresses client needs, you must understand their sentiment. Generic sales proposals will close less frequently then those tailored to the desires and needs of each client.

2 – Site Characteristics. In order to properly size, design and quote a geothermal system, proper site characteristics must be gathered. Small differences between sites can impact installed costs, so having a standard process to collect all key site information is key to designing and quoting properly.

3 – Financial information. A geothermal system is a financial investment. You will need to collect some specific, but standard, financial information to communicate the benefits of investing in geothermal to the client.

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