gabrielle-rossettiI’m excited to announce Gabrielle Rossetti’s promotion to ‘Director of Product Development & Marketing’. You’ve gotten to know her as our “Community Builder” over the past eighteen months. Gabby is one of those special people destined for big things, and when you’re lucky enough to hire somebody like that, you need to provide them with opportunities to create and grow.

The Director role will keep Gabby engaged as a community builder, but confers the autonomy, and frankly, a mandate, to create new courses and provide the marketing support needed to sustain all of our courses. She will make sure we continue to make a positive impact on the planet by fostering our tradition of marketing innovation and unique products. She’ll do that just like Gabby does everything – by building healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships with great people and organizations.

Gabby was a driver behind HeatSpring’s “Solar Women Summer Series“, “Leaders in High Performance Building Giveaway“, and is already putting her uniquely collaborative stamp on 2016 by launching a new affiliate program and a slew of new courses. She will continue to drive our presence at industry events and build on her reputation as a ‘market maker’ for top instructors around the globe. Her energy and smarts are what’s needed in a rapidly changing world facing many challenges.

HeatSpring: Still Just Getting Started

HeatSpring is only nine years into a 100-year plan to distribute the best energy and sustainability knowledge to the leaders saving the world. We’ve accomplished a lot in nine years, but there are so many chapters left to be written. Gabby’s promotion coincides with a sabbatical I’m taking to explore ideas outside of HeatSpring. Starting January 1st I’ll be working on other projects and not available for day-to-day questions about HeatSpring. I’m not leaving completely – I will continue to participate fully as an investor and advisor. Since this company is going to last for 100 years, I need to pace myself, and forcing myself into new experiences will make me a stronger, more imaginative leader in the long run. It’s a tremendous luxury to have an opportunity to do this knowing the company is in excellent hands.

Please join me in congratulating Gabrielle Rossetti on her promotion to the role of “Director of Product Development & Marketing.’