In this two hour free lecture, Dr. Charles Remund, author of the IGSHPA Design Manual, walks you through the calculations for designing the ground heat exchanger for a commercial geothermal system. To download a copy of the slides, discuss the lesson with other professionals, and get access to additional tools: click here to sign up for the free course.


About Dr. Charles Remund

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Remund has over 25 years of experience installing and designing geothermal systems. He has been a certified instructor for IGHSPA since 1994. He has been on the Mechanical Engineering faculty at South Dakota State University since 1988, where he teaches thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, design of thermal systems and applied laboratory courses. He is a co-author of the IGSHPA geothermal installer training manual titled “Design and Installation of Residential and Light Commercial GSHP Systems”.

Dr. Remund has been principle investigator on many research projects associated with ground source heat pumps, specifically addressing heat transfer characteristics of grouting materials, soil and rock. He worked with regional electric utilities and the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium through the Northern Geothermal Support Center at SDSU, through which hundreds have been trained in various aspects of ground source heat pump design and installation. Training and outreach activities continue in a limited capacity at SDSU, while Dr. Remund has become involved in private efforts to promote ground source heat pumps through design assistance, soil and rock formation thermal conductivity testing, and technical support for thermally-enhanced grouting materials.


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