Picking a Drone: Job Performance vs. Cost is a new free course for companies that want to use drones for their business. The unbiased, free guide was developed by Keven Gambold exclusively for HeatSpring customers and will launch on January 6th, 2020.

We developed this course for companies that do inspections and site surveys. Many have been paying outside firms to do inspections for them using drones, and they have a sense this work could be done more cost effectively in-house.

The #1 question we’ve gotten is: what drone should I buy? So this free guide is an attempt to answer that question more thoroughly than we can in an email or phone call.

Free HeatSpring Drone Course: Sample Content

When you enroll in the course you can begin asking questions on the discussion board immediately. These questions may be answered in the presentation or in a separate response, but we will do our best to answer all of them.

We’re encouraging teams and groups to participate together, and will do our best to provide value for the time you invest.