If you are involved in selling or financing commercial solar projects and need a robust proven tool to value those projects, this model (which is included in our Solar Executive MBA course) will be useful to you and your business immediately. Related free content:

Christopher Lord, Solar Executive MBA co-instructor, developed this model while working with a variety of clients over the years. Now, he uses it as the backbone of the concepts that he covers when he teaches students through HeatSpring. Similar models that are created to perform this kind of analysis have been purchased by larger clients for prices in the $25,000 range. In the section below, you can see some of the most powerful functions of the model.

Nine powerful functions included in this model:

1. Determine investor return profile

2. Determine unstructured and structured project economics

3. Determine project economics based on the financing you’re going to use (tax equity + leases, PPAs, and/or debt)
4. Create a detailed profit and loss and cash flow analysis for each project
5. Track cash flow and debt management in order to identify and reduce risk
6. Gain a deep understanding of depreciation economics
7. Understand the cash flow for an unstructured project
8. Understand the specifics of all cash flows for the client
9. Understand the NPV, solar fraction, and PPA versus utility price for the client

We offered this model as a free download for a limited time but took it down starting in late 2014. It is now only available as part of the Solar Executive MBA course.