New Course Announcement: Commercial Electric Tariffs: Impacts on Solar

Incorporating commercial solar sales into your business can be an advantageous income stream for residential solar businesses looking to diversify their revenue sources. There are many opportunities in this sector as companies, non-profits, and local municipalities look to reduce their energy costs and meet clean energy goals. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) anticipates an […]

Voltage Control Using Inverter Reactive Power Control

This is the fifth of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.”

In the previous four posts in this series, we discussed what reactive power is and where it comes from, its impact on T&D systems, and inverter-based resources’ capabilities for reactive power injection and absorption.

As mentioned in Blog #2 of […]

What makes construction challenging?

Working in construction can be very challenging. Why is this? HeatSpring instructor Amy Powell asks her teammates, colleagues, and trade partners to dive deep to get to the bottom of this question. 

She found that the majority of the challenges and experiences communicated ultimately boiled down to two things – communication and people. 

Skilled labor shortages. 


Motivating others. 

Initiating […]

1 NABCEP CEU – New Free Webinar – Selling Solar-Driven Home Electrification in a Virtual World

In today’s rapidly evolving market, online selling has become indispensable. Gone are the days where brick-and-mortar stores were the primary hubs for shopping. The post-pandemic digital age has ushered in a new era of convenience, accessibility, and efficiency, compelling all types of businesses to establish a robust online presence. 

With the advent of e-commerce platforms, customers […]

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Active Power Priority vs. Reactive Power Priority

This is the fourth of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.” Here’s the last article – “Inverter-Based Resources Reactive Power Capabilities” – in case you need to catch up.

In the earlier articles in this series, we’ve looked at the purpose of reactive power, power ratings of utility-scale solar inverters, and how […]