Renewing Your NABCEP Certification? Here’s What You Need

Maintaining an active NABCEP certification demonstrates your continued commitment to professional development and expertise in the solar industry. If your NABCEP Professional Certification is coming up for renewal, you may be wondering what’s required for the recertification process.

This quick guide covers the recertification requirements for the following NABCEP Professional Certifications: PV Installation Professional (PVIP), […]

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Learn the Basics of the Energy Community Bonus Adder Provision 

When we think about the term energy communities, as in the bonus adder provision included in the Inflation Reduction Act, we’re referring to legacy fossil fuel communities anchored in the extraction, processing, or generation of energy using coal, oil, and gas. While many are excited about the clean energy transition, it’s important to consider the […]

What Are the Types of Solar Incentives?

Solar incentives often make or break the motivation for a homeowner to get solar. Depending on the physical location, your client may be eligible for various types of incentives at the utility, state, and federal level. It’s important for solar sales people to have a firm understanding of the different incentives and rebates and how […]

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What is Pendulum Distance and Why Does It Matter When Setting Up Fall Protection Equipment?

Per OSHA standards (1926.501), solar construction staff installing systems who are exposed to fall distances of 6 or more feet must be protected from falls by using one of the following methods: personal fall arrest systems, guardrail systems, or safety net systems. On residential solar installations, personal fall arrest systems are the most commonly used. […]

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1 NABCEP CEU – New Free Course Announcement: Introduction to Architectural Solar 

With the ever increasing focus on sustainable, net-zero, and grid-efficient buildings, architectural solar has been and continues to evolve as a key tool within renewable energy integration. But what exactly is architectural solar, and how does it influence the design and functionality of buildings? Answering these questions is the goal of Christopher Klinga, P.E. and […]