An Easy Win: I Will Set Up a Free Employee Learning Platform for Your Team

The solar industry needs more people. So every solar company leader should know about this free benefit:

For $0 any solar company can use HeatSpring as a learning platform to train employees.

You can request yours right now. It takes thirty seconds.

132 of Solar Power World’s 2022 Top Contractors Use HeatSpring for Employee Learning

When a teammate needs […]

Why Teach? Why HeatSpring? – A Chat with HeatSpring Co-Founder Brian Hayden

HeatSpring is an expert-led platform for professionals in solar, cleantech, and many other forward thinking industries. Any expert can build free or paid classes on the platform at no cost and start right away. Listen in as HeatSpring Co-Founder Brian Hayden discusses how HeatSpring works and why it may be time for you to consider […]

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Have You Ever Thought About Teaching?

That’s a question I ask almost everybody who’s been successful in their career. At some point you arrive at a place where you look around and wonder, ‘what’s next?’. Your options are infinite, but teaching will be appealing if things like legacy, impact and relationships start to matter more than your hourly rate. That’s when […]

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New Free Course: Unirac’s Faster Solar Design with Online Tools

What tools do solar designers use to improve the speed and accuracy of their project designs? This new, free solar design course from Unirac gives you a quick introduction to many of the top solar design tools available.

I’ve always been surprised by the number of different approaches to solar design. Especially residential solar. When you’re […]

Meet Greenwork: A New Platform for the Green Workforce

We sat down with Greenwork CEO and Co-founder, Sam Steyer, to learn about how his organization is fostering connection and streamlining the green workforce community. Greenwork is a platform that connects the best companies in solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, logistics, and the trades to fill some of the fastest growing job categories in America. […]

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