Today we’ve made a new free course available for anyone interested in becoming a licensed commercial drone pilot. Enroll in the “FAA Part 107 Practice Test” to take your free practice exam and get some tips from Keven Gambold on how to prepare for the exam.

In order to fly your drone under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certificate demonstrates that you understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones.

Solar companies use drones to reduce the cost of site surveys, asset inspections, and marketing videos.

Construction firms, utilities, roofing contractors, engineers, and dozens of other professions do the same. Drones have become inexpensive and functional tools that save lives and dollars.

HeatSpring has added a suite of drone training offerings after getting lots of interest from customers over the past few years.