We created HeatSpring membership because it is what today’s top professionals expect. Now you get ongoing access to the freshest content by the top experts in your field.

85% of what you learn in a great training course does not change. Although the laws of physics and thrermodynamics don’t change, your memory can fade – so it’s nice to be able to go back and rewatch videos and re-read the content that you may have forgotten.

15% of what you learn in a great training course does change. Market dynamics, technology, and consumer preferences can turn on a dime. And these are the things that differentiate the winners and losers in the market.

HeatSpring membership unlocks:

  • Unlimited access to the foundational course materials that don’t change. So you can always go back and review the 85% that never changes.
  • Ongoing access to updated content that your expert instructor adds to the course. So you don’t miss out on the 15% that helps you continue to stand out among your peers.

HeatSpring courses come with 1-year of access to the course materials included with your enrollment. Joining as a HeatSpring member gets you extended access to the materials for courses you have purchased.

Our online classroom & course-building software has set the standard for online training in clean energy and green building. Thousands of professionals have earned professional certifications and completed more than half a million assignments on our platform. Our community includes more than 55,000 professionals, and the most valuable thing they’ve gained are relationships with their instructors and fellow students.

Professional training looks different in 2018 than it did when we started in 2007. HeatSpring membership is unique opportunity to level-up your skills – sort of like an insurance policy against becoming irrelevant.

There’s no commitment required – you can cancel at any time. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to refresh and reconnect!