This month HeatSpring turns twelve. On this anniversary we are reflecting back on why we started the company and the core values that have guided us on the journey.

Duncan Miller is a man of few words, but he speaks the truth. In the short audio clip above you can catch a rare glimpse of what motivates Duncan and how he thinks about the work we do. You’ll hear someone who cares deeply about quality and making a positive impact.

Duncan has been the quiet engine behind the growth of HeatSpring over the past dozen years. In that time our mighty little company has recruited 31,000 professionals to take 62,000 technical training courses and grown a community of 38,000 solar installers, 9,000 geothermal installers, and 12,500 green builders.

What does your company stand for? It’s an important question that will define what you become in the long run. Thank you to all of the expert instructors, industry partners, and hard-working and motivated learners for engaging with us to do good work.

We’re excited to continue clearing a path to economic opportunity and a better future with your help and support.