The “Drone Pilot Boot Camp + Part 107 Exam Prep” course is twelve weeks long. It’s different from every other drone course because it combines several key experiences you need to really do the job. Before diving in it’s fair to ask what you’ll be doing, so here’s a quick overview:

Part 107 Exam Prep (obviously)

Did you know that it’s possible to pass the FAA Part 107 Exam without ever seeing a drone in real life? Yep. Kind of scary. Even so, having that license is super important so we don’t take chances. Passing a test and getting a credential is something you’ve probably done before, so this is the least original part of the course. The first section of the course is built with lots of instruction, exam tips, and practice tests to help you confidently pass the exam.

Flying in the Drone Flight Simulator (the fun part)

There’s no substitute for experience, so picking the right drone flight simulator was really important to us. We chose Zephyr because it’s a great tool, plus Keven can build assignments into the program. So everyone has the same experience and Keven can track how you’re doing and offer specific feedback. You’re basically playing a video game that is going to help you in your job. We include a custom controller in the cost of the course because this flying piece is so important for new pilots.

Lots of Interaction With Keven and the Other Students (so it feels ‘real’)

Access to a great instructor is the foundation of all HeatSpring courses, but this drone course goes above and beyond in this regard. Keven is always responsive on the discussion board, and we’ve added an optional weekly Zoom call for Q&A and general discussion. Maybe half the class attends, but for some it’s an important way to make the course feel more ‘real’.

The Drone Pilot Boot Camp is designed to be an inflection point in your career. It’s an ambitious goal: starting from zero and becoming a licensed (and skilled) drone pilot in twelve weeks. The course will continue to improve over time, but we’re really proud of it and hope that it helps a motivated group of professionals differentiate themselves and their business.