What Data Tells Us About Teaching & Learning Clean Energy Skills” is a new free course where Brick Maier is publishing all of his findings from the Researcher-in-Residence project.

About HeatSpring’s “Researcher in Residence” Project

Enrollment is way up at HeatSpring. But if we’re going to train millions of people for clean energy jobs, we’ve got to keep getting better. So we did something kind of interesting: We hired a Researcher-in-Residence, and we gave him all of our company data and we asked him to analyze it and publish what he finds.

Everything we learn is going to be published in this free course. It’s going to be stuff like:

  • What people want to learn? Like what’s popular?
  • When they’re most engaged, what time of day? What time a week? What time of month?
  • How to get better results by learning as a team.
  • What makes for a great training video? How do we get people engaged?

There are recommendations in the course for learners for instructors companies and educators. So dive in? Let’s all learn how to do better together.