I just stumbled upon The Open PV Project that was compiled by NREL.

It provides some cool vanity metrics, like a PV map of solar PV installations from 2000 to 2012, and so some very useful state by state market data that can be used for market research. You can also submit your projects to the database, which I would encourage you to do.


The Project Has a number of cool functions.

1. “The Market Mapper” Get nationwide and state by state information on the number of installations and costs per year, the number of installations based on system size. Very useful for market research and it’s all displayed in graphs.

2. “Installations Over Time”

This maps shows the number of installations in the entire US from 2000 to 2012. The map is fun to watch and shows the impact that state policy has on the adoption of solar.

3. “Project Contributors” The Open PV Project is based on submissions from contractors and other agencies to submit their projects. The project contributors sections allows you to see the companies that are submitting data and also for your company to submit projects.

4. State Rankings. The state ranking table is an simple and interactive table that displays state ranking based on installed capacity and installed cost.

5. Utility Scale PV. The last tab just deals with utility scale projects in the US.