How did Qatar win their bid to host the 2022 World Cup?  In this video, Wolfgang Kessling explains how his team designed a comfort strategy that helped make it happen.  Yes, comfort.

Here’s why I wanted to share this video with HeatSpring readers:

Comfort is a word I hear HVAC and geothermal contractors use all the time, but it’s a hard concept to convey.  I think this video does a nice job – it might be something you can share with a client that is on the fence.  It will help them understand the concept, make them feel like the smartest people in the world believe it’s important, and appreciate your ability to teach them something.  The video talks about passive design, solar PV, solar cooling, radiant heating, and all of the cutting edge technologies that we’re trying to make more accessible.

Reason #2:

It demonstrates the raw economic power that this type of expertise represents.  This team of designers helped shift billions of dollars into the economy of Qatar by solving a comfort problem.  That’s the type of extraordinary power brought to bear by people who really understand how to make things work.  Every contractor, designer, or engineer has a form of that power – and that feeling of power is likely a big part of why you love your job.  Embrace that power and put it to good use!

I l0ve thinking about the future of comfort, and the role HeatSpring alumni will play in the way it takes shape in the real world.