Starting today, anyone can build a course on HeatSpring. Yes, you could do this right now. Check it out by clicking this image:

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Here’s why you might consider teaching:

  • 40,000 HeatSpring readers will see it. If you’ve got something important to teach, this is the most direct route to lots of professionals in your field.
  • You’re building a valuable asset. Free courses build your audience. Paid courses earn you money. In either case, your small time investment can have a big payoff – now, and in the future.
  • It’s painless. Launching the course takes a few minutes, and you retain full ownership and control over how and where it’s offered.

This is a complete 180 degrees from where we started. For the past eight years, we were super picky about who we’d work with, mostly because it was such an investment of time on everyone’s part that we had to be selective out of necessity. These three drivers caused us to change our approach:

  1. The world’s got some big challenges that require bold action. We’re not always vocal about climate change, sustainability, water, and energy issues, but we believe bold action is required for future generations to have a chance at a better life. Our previous approach was too conservative to have the meaningful impact on society we aspire to.
  2. There are too many experts, companies, and organizations with something to share. There’s a vast sea of frameworks, tools, and knowledge that we’ve only scratched the surface of.  Our previous approach was like trying to pump the contents of an ocean through a garden hose.
  3. Everybody gets video now. Five years ago, it was crazy that we were teaching online, so instructors required a lot of hand-holding. Now almost everybody has a webinar recording or some experience with teaching online. Opening up our system to a more sophisticated ecosystem of teachers feels like a natural response to changing industry dynamics.

We’re a technology company enabling knowledge transfer. Sure, we’re focused on education, but we stopped thinking of ourselves as a traditional school long ago. We exist to help John Siegenthaler, Marc Rosenbaum, Charles Miller, Ryan Mayfield, and all the human encyclopedias carrying essential knowledge to connect with bigger audiences. We exist to help NESEA, Renewable Energy World, SolarPro, Green Building Advisor, and other thriving communities become even more valuable sources of essential knowledge.

“But wait..what about quality?!?”

Good question. Just because everybody can teach, doesn’t mean everybody should teach. We’ll still be screening every new course that launches to make sure it’s not just a sales pitch. Our new rating system is another great way to weed out content that isn’t useful or accurate. Anything that drops below a 7/10 rating over time will be taken out of circulation.

If you’ve got a powerpoint deck or webinar recording on your computer that might help somebody do their job better, please consider it your duty to share. You’ll get paid, enhance your personal brand, and help us get closer to the world we hope to leave our kids.

What are you waiting for? Click to explore this new opportunity to teach on Heatspring.