Solar Partnership Flip: Alive and Well in 2016

Chris Lord discusses partnership flips under the IRC
As Mark Twain once said, “News of the recent death of the partnership flip for solar transactions is greatly exaggerated.”

Okay, he didn’t exactly refer to partnership flips; he was talking about a newspaper article that prematurely reported his death. But in the case of the partnership flip in […]

How to Price the Risk of Cash Equity vs Tax Equity Positions in Solar Partnership Flips

This article is part of a series common topics and questions that professionals have about financing commercial solar projects. Chris Lord of CapIron provided some insights into pricing certain types of investor risk in partnership flips. Chris is a co-teacher of our Solar Executive MBA. The 6 week class teaches solar professionals how to finance […]

The 4 Ownership Structures Used to Finance Solar Projects – Part 1

If you’re new to the solar industry, go to the Solar 101 Reading list. It has free tools and articles on solar design and installation, sales and marketing, policy, finance and best practices.
In the last post we discussed the 5 elements needed to finance any solar project. Often times, the last step in the process is creating a the legal structure that maximizes all of the financial benefits for investors, the project team, and the owners.

I have three great resources for you if you’re very serious about financing commercial projects

Read the List of Everything You Need to Understand to Finance Commercial Solar Projects
Download the 27 page Beginners Guide to Financing Commercial Solar Projects. 
Click here to sign up for our Solar MBA and Learn how to Finance Commercial Solar PPAs from A to Z. Click here to test drive the Solar MBA for free. 
Click here to join our Linkedin group “Best Practices for Financing Commercial PPAs Between 200kW and 5MW” and continue the conversation about best practices.
How to Finance Non-Profit Solar Projects – 50 Minute Session Answering 5  Key Questions
Listen to 60 Minute Interview: Advice from a $20MM Solar Tax Equity Investor to Commercial Solar Installers – Focus on a Niche, Be Fast, and Standardize your Operations
60 Minutes of Video Answer 7 Questions on Best Practices for Setting up Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreements.

There are 4 ownership structures used for solar projects.

Owner Financed
The partnership flip
The sale-leaseback
The lease-passthrough

For this article, we’ll focus on the very basics of the partnership flip.

The partnership flip was created for developments in the wind industry and is now being applied to the solar industry. Read below for more details. If you have any questions or feel I left something out leave a comment in the post HeatSpring’s linkedin group: “Best Practices for Financing Commercial PPAs Between 200kW and 5MW”


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