Free Tool: LEED v4 Materials Form

After a significant delay, LEED Version 4 has finally been released, and you can now begin building your library of LEED v4 Tools.
Start by downloading our FREE LEED v4 Materials Form from Expert Instructor, LEED Fellow, LEED AP BD+C, LEED CI (Legacy) and aedify founder Brenda Martens.

Used in her LEED Project Management course, this tool will assist in:

The collect and […]

LEED Version 4 Details and Delay Consequences

In this article, Brenda Martens, LEED Fellow and Founder of aedify, outlines LEED Version 4. She discusses how v4 differs from v3 and the consequences of the delayed release of v4. Plagued with difficulties and delays, v4 has been the most controversial release of LEED to date, but it raises the baseline of what we consider a […]