Fill in Your Knowledge Gaps – October HVAC Trainings

Sharpen and grow your skillset via a technical, online course about heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning systems:
Integrated HVAC Engineering – Master the complex interaction of room air temperature, humidity, mean radiant temperature, ventilation rate, lighting, sound, and even odors that determine the true quality of an interior environment. Go beyond LEED and ASHRAE standards with […]

HVAC Engineering: Chilled Floors + Humidity

On the Integrated HVAC Engineering discussion board, expert Robert Bean answers questions about chilled floors and humidity considerations and air mixing…
Student 1:  
Chilled floors seems like a great idea, and if you’re going to do a radiant system, you might as well consider cooling and heating.

The humidity, however, seems to be a big concern. Vapor barriers […]

Robert Bean on Fluid-Based System Concerns in HVAC Engineering

On the Integrated HVAC Engineering Discussion Board…
Robert Bean discusses losing boiler efficiency, vs. losing radiator efficiency, cycling a boiler to maintain average temperature in a system, using 3 way mixing valve (instead of a circulator) to control the temperature of the on the load side, and more!
Student 1:
1) The pressure differential control valve shown around 22 minutes [in Lesson 8 of […]