Sharpen and grow your skillset via a technical, online course about heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning systems:

Integrated HVAC Engineering – Master the complex interaction of room air temperature, humidity, mean radiant temperature, ventilation rate, lighting, sound, and even odors that determine the true quality of an interior environment. Go beyond LEED and ASHRAE standards with 10 weeks of expert instruction and field-ready calculators and tools.

Mastering Hydronic System Design – Design hydronic systems for residential and light commercial buildings with industry legend John Siegenthaler. Master design concepts and design tools for optimizing hydronic heating systems in a variety of contemporary applications.

Solar Approaches to Radiant Heating – Learn the latest, most advanced concepts for integrating solar with radiant heating systems. Engage directly with your instructor and access readily applicable content, calculators and assignments to test your knowledge.

Condensing Boilers in Hydronic Systems  Residential and light-commercial gas-fired boilers are no longer high-temperature, chimney-vented appliances. Today’s systems are pressure-vented, modulating, high-efficiency condensing (mod-con) boilers. Learn how your system designs and control strategies can yield energy savings and comfort benefits.

Fundamentals of Radiant Design – Access the most current information about radiant heating technologies. Learn how these systems work, proper design and installation techniques, pitfalls to avoid, the benefits of superior thermal comfort, and much more.

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