3 Expert Led Free Coures on SRECs, Geothermal Tax Credits and Solar Lead Generation

Our first free course was a huge success. How to Make Money in Renewable Energy had a great turnout, well over 140 attendees with solid content helpful to newcomers to the industry.

With such interest, we have decided to expand our offering of free courses and share some other course-like information that will be useful to […]

Geothermal Designer Tax Credit: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

“Your database of completed geothermal projects is a goldmine.”

That was the message at tonight’s New England Geothermal Professional Association member’s meeting. Charles Goulding, from Energy Tax Savers, gave a compelling presentation about some underutilized government programs that directly benefit geothermal designers. It would be impossible to do his presentation justice, but here are some of my notes (in layman’s terms) that should be interesting to anyone who has completed (or will complete) a geothermal project between 2005 and 2013: […]

How to Overcome the Top Five Objections in Selling Geothermal and Solar

Getting jobs is the hardest part of the renewable energy industry. My goal is to provide you with the appropriate resources and advice needed to sell jobs and grow your business.

These objections will come up equally when selling geothermal, solar thermal, or solar photovoltaic systems. Here are the top five objections when selling renewables and a couple tips on how to overcome them.

Is the technology proven?
How does the technology compare to other alternatives?
Dealer support and service