Blowing Emissions Away: Building a 6MW Wind Farm

The Kingston Wind Project, a 6MW farm, has produced 48,360,370 kWh to-date, eliminating 35 metric tons of CO2 that would have been produced by a coal mine and equivalent to planting 33,263 acres of forest or taking 7,422 cars off the road each year. Mary O’Donnell, Founder and President of No Fossil Fuel, discusses details about the […]

Crowd Funding Meets Carbon Reduction

CarbonCrowd is a crowd funding platform for individuals who want to take part in climate change reversal. We spoke to Co-founder and CEO Henry Sims about it…

How does it work?
People too often feel powerless when it comes to climate change reversal. There’s a sense that the problem is too big for any one individual to […]

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