10 Reasons to Use LoopLink PRO

10 Reasons to Use LoopLink PRO
by Doug Carruthers
Looplink PRO is simple, powerful, web-based ground loop design software you can use for just $50/month. Specifically engineered for commercial geothermal designers, LoopLink PRO can handle projects from simple single building block loads all the way up to multi-building/multi-zone campuses.
Here are ten great reasons you should give LoopLink […]

The Most Complete List of Commercial Geothermal Cost Data

This is a list of the best resources I’ve been able to find for commercial and public geothermal projects. We need to be creating more case studies in order to reduce risk for property owners. By showing property owners, specifically large property owners how many systems have been put in, it will be easier to […]

Geothermal Training: Two FREE Courses for Measuring The Performance of a Geothermal Heat Pump System

Ever wonder if your geothermal system is running as efficiently as promised? A commonly asked question from homeowners and installers is “How do I measure my GSHP system’s heating efficiency?” HeatSpring offers two free courses, designed to make it simple…
Enroll in How to Measure Geothermal Heat Pump Performance (COP) to download a step-by-step, practical PDF […]