10 Reasons to Use LoopLink PRO

by Doug Carruthers

Looplink PRO is simple, powerful, web-based ground loop design software you can use for just $50/month. Specifically engineered for commercial geothermal designers, LoopLink PRO can handle projects from simple single building block loads all the way up to multi-building/multi-zone campuses.

Here are ten great reasons you should give LoopLink PRO a try for your next commercial project.

  1. Capability Without Complexity: Hammers don’t come with 200 page user manuals and neither should good software. Every aspect of LoopLink PRO is designed to allow you to focus your energy on the task at hand not learn how to get around an overly complicated piece of… software.
  2. A ‘What If’ Machine: From the beginning we designed LoopLink PRO to be a tool to allow engineers to explore design options quickly. We built the system around the idea that each component of a project is an independent, movable and removable option in a design. You can drag elements like zones and hot water systems from one loopfield to the next and test the effects of turning elements like hybrid systems on and off in real time.
  3. Teamwork Built In: Without LoopLink PRO, collaboration in geothermal design is a never ending slog of emails, forgotten attachments, missed versions and undocumented changes. With LoopLink PRO you can share your projects with anyone in the world. You control who can see your projects and who can make changes to your projects. LoopLink PRO handles access permissions with a simple check in/check out system and it automatically tracks every change made by every person on a project including the previous value and the new value.
  4. PRO Tracks Flow: Flow through the coil, flow through the ground loop and air flow all come into play but until LoopLink PRO, the most important flow to loop design; flow through the ground loop, has only been given a passing nod. LoopLink PRO is the first and only ground loop design software to account for flow throughout the entire project. Tracking ground loop design flow unlocks some powerful capabilities and vastly improves the accuracy of the overall design process.
  5. Headers & Head Loss Made Simple: There are many things to consider in header design – flow balance, head loss and flushing ease are just a few. To make life easier, LoopLink PRO automates the process using industry-accepted guidelines and best-practices for step-down step-up reverse return headers.
  6. Always Up-To-Date Equipment: We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that we are among the first to know when they are releasing new lines of equipment or posting corrections to existing performance data. Our online model allows us to push these changes out to our users instantly so that every time you log in to LoopLink PRO you are certain to be using the most accurate performance data available.
  7. Dynamic Equipment Performance Modeling: It sounds complicated and for us it was but for you, dynamic equipment performance modeling is simple. You select equipment, you tell LoopLink PRO the operating conditions, LoopLink PRO tells you how the equipment will perform in that situation. It is faster and much more accurate than the old method of looking up equipment data tables and calculating correction factors for each operating condition by hand.
  8. Import Loads or Old Projects: LoopLink PRO supports the import of monthly or hourly (8760) load files from most load calculation packages. You can also import all of your old GCHP Calc or GLD files directly into PRO.
  9. Supportive Customer Support: We are a small company but we are dedicated to our users. We listen to suggestions, we own up to our mistakes and we quickly move to implement fixes and improvements system wide as soon as they are tested and approved.
  10. Control Your Expenses: LoopLink PRO is built as an online subscription based software. So if you aren’t using it, you just cancel your subscription. Your account and projects will always be waiting for your return. At $50/month you have almost 5 years of subscription before you reach the first cost of our leading competitor. Plus, LoopLink PRO is online so you will never need to purchase or install upgrades. They just happen as part of your subscription.

LoopLink PRO is a tool that is as easy to use as it is capable. You can experience all of these features and benefits for free for one week. After that, it is just $50/month and you can cancel at any time.

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About the author, Doug Carruthers

Carruthers_DougDoug Carruthers is primary software developer for Geo-Connections, Inc. he is responsible for the design and development of LoopLink RLC, LoopLink PRO and LoopLink GSE. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from South Dakota State University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Washington State University.