How much does a geothermal system cost?  After talking to thousands of residential and commercial clients, I’ve realized that’s the question on everybody’s mind.

The Standing Column Well was developed to make geothermal more affordable, and more possible in urban settings where a tight footprint makes drilling a lot of holes impossible.  But how do these systems really perform?  What are the issues to watch out for?

Dr. Al Koenig is one of the only instructors in the geothermal industry who can teach these things with confidence.  HeatSpring’s Geothermal Standing Column Well Design was developed for anybody who’s installed, owned, or considered a standing column well system but never got all their questions answered.

A message from Dr. Koenig for anyone considering this course:

Let me show you how to save 30% over a closed loop geothermal installation and win the project.  With more effective heat transfer and better utilization of an expensive asset, viz. the well field, there is an opportunity to significantly improve the return on investment.  Add water utilization to the mix, and I can show you a 5 year ROI.  That should incentivize the project!

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About instructor Albert Koenig, Ph.D. – Founder, ARB GeoWell, LLC

Dr. Albert Koenig is a standing column well expert who has over 30 years of experience in the alternative energy industry. Dr. Koenig is currently overseeing a standing column well project at Villanova University. He was awarded Engineer of the Year by Geneneral Electric. He has been involved in numerous alternative energy development activities since 1975, including large solar thermal industrial energy projects, residential passive solar and photovoltaic applications, advanced battery development, battery energy storage for on-site power, SOFC fuel cells, enhanced oil recovery and geothermal HVAC. He is a member of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), the Am. Soc. Of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the Association of Energy Engineers, Greater Philadelphia Chapter.</p><p>Dr. Koenig is currently overseeing a standing column well project at Villanova University as part of a renewable energy curriculum. Since obtaining his Ph.D. from Duke, he has worked for the General Electric Company, Advanced Energy Programs, Chloride Silent Power in the UK, and the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership. During this time, he taught various courses in renewable energy, physics, solar energy and heat transfer. He was awarded Engineer of the Year by General Electric and has received several patents. He has numerous publications and presentations, most recently as an invited speaker at the NGWA Ground Source Heat Pump Conference in Columbus, OH.