Here’s the backstory on “Scalable Multifamily Retrofits“, a new free course presented by Chris Benedict, Margo Valdes, and Ian Shapiro, offered in partnership with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.

Energiesprong and practitioners selected by RetrofitNY are developing standardized and scalable methods to achieve whole-building near-zero energy retrofits while maintaining multifamily tenants in place. Energiesprong, based in Europe, has successfully transformed 4,500 affordable units and RetrofitNY is currently in proof-of-concept phase.

This presentation provides an introduction to standardized retrofits for multifamily housing, an overview of the best practices in Europe, and the practical implementation in the US market. Two case studies by US practitioners participating in NYSERDA’s RetrofitNY program will focus on the design process, off-site panelization, the use of laser scanning, construction cost, and funding requirements.

The first is a wood-framed 24 unit building employing a panelized approach and the second is a four-story masonry building that will receive a high-R EIFS exterior and high-performance HVAC.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain the urgency of high-performance retrofits and the role of the affordable housing sector as a beachhead market
  • Describe off-site retrofit strategies for the affordable multifamily housing sector
  • Identify what is needed to realize and scale high-performance multifamily retrofits in the US market
  • Recognize trade offs required to meet both budget and performance in a multifamily high-performance retrofit

This course was originally presented at BuildingEnergy Boston 2020, a conference presented by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA).