Have you ever wanted to meet with a teacher to talk through an issue? Or ask a question face-to-face that has been bugging you for a while? Now you can.

Most paid classes on the HeatSpring classes will soon have a ‘live meeting’ where you can meet your instructor and classmates on Zoom. It’s like office hours for a college class. Or a private ‘ask me anything’ with an expert on the topic you’re learning.

We publish the next meeting date so you can plan ahead. These live meetings are optional. You get access to them for a full year after you sign up for your class, and you can extend access with membership.

You can bring questions, talk about projects you’re working on, or just show up and listen to what others have to say. Our goal is to build relationships and community among classmates, instructors, and teams.

Relationships Are What Matter

Our upcoming website redesign has been an occasion to reconnect with all of our instructors. When asked what they like most about teaching – besides getting paid – they all said getting to know the students is the best part. 

So how can we enable stronger relationships in a decentralized, online environment? There’s no single answer, so we create many pathways and opportunities for people to interact. It’s the kitchen sink approach. We run in-person trainings, host in-class discussion boards, LinkedIn groups and now live meetings. Whether you like to write your questions down or ask them on Zoom, now we’ve got you covered.

Our classes are for professionals with a job to do, so it’s not surprising to hear that it’s really common for students to collaborate outside of class with other students or with instructors. Your career is a marathon and whatever class you take is just a stepping stone to head in a new direction.

If there’s a class you want to take, feel free to check the registration page for the next live meeting date. You can time your enrollment with the meeting schedule and jump into that first live meeting with all of your burning questions.