The technical team from Fronius is sharing their knowledge and software tools again with the HeatSpring community – this time they’re teaching about their latest and greatest software design tools.

The Fronius Solar.creator is a free and easy-to-use online configuration tool that supports you when designing PV systems with Fronius inverters. It is connected to a weather database to determine irradiation data and forecast yields. When you’re done, you’ll get detailed reports that can easily be shared with your team and clients. 

It’s no secret that inverters will need to be replaced during the typical lifespan of a solar PV project. The Fronius Repowering Tool allows you to quickly restore aging photovoltaic systems back to full power by suggesting the appropriate Fronius replacement inverter based on the system specifications. Fronius makes it simple to figure out what inverter your customer needs to produce optimally again. 

Learn about both by enrolling today in Fronius Training: PV Design & Repowering with Solar.creator and Repowering Tools!

About the Company

The Fronius story began in 1945 in Pettenbach, Austria, when Günter Fronius, an electrical engineer who made his living as a repair and maintenance man, wondered if automobile batteries could be recharged. Certain this was possible, he designed and built a device that recharged car batteries, extending their life and reducing waste. And with that, Fronius was born.

Today the company stands on three solid pillars: Solar Energy, Perfect Welding, and Perfect Charging and have been serving the US since 2002. Fronius currently operates in more than 20 countries worldwide.

About the Instructor

Chris Connell joined Fronius USA in 2012 as an Application Engineer inside the technical support team for the Solar Energy Business Unit. Since then, Chris has held multiple positions, including Team Leader of the Technical Support Department, Technical Sales Advisor for the Midwest region, National Technical Sales Advisor and currently is Head of Solutions Management. As a former Aviation Technician in the US Navy and with his background in the technical support team, he brings an extensive technical knowledge.