We’re really excited to announce our partnership with Scanifly software. They’ve released a new free course that helps solar companies understand how drones can be used to improve operations and lower the cost of delivering solar.

The 76-minute lecture talks about the challenges of site selection and design that solar companies experience in residential, commercial, and utility scale solar projects. You’ll learn what drone to buy and what software is out there to help you use 3D Mapping and LiDAR data for your business. There’s an emphasis placed on Scanifly’s solution (obviously), but this free drone course is still really useful even if you’re not a Scanifly customer.

Drones, 3D Mapping and LiDAR in Solar” will help you start to visualize what’s possible. Some of the material at the end might be over the head of somebody totally new, so there’s something for experienced drone pilots in there too. There’s also a discussion board inside the course where you can ask questions.

This free drone course is available now – you can sign up and start learning today.