HeatSpring’s Drone Pilot Boot Camp is a course for engineers, contractors, building professionals and renewable energy companies to become experienced, licensed drone pilots.

A drone is a tool to generate new revenue by doing asset inspections, site surveys, mapping, marketing videos, and training. They’re inexpensive to buy and have an incredible ROI if you know what you’re doing.

Licensed drone pilots are in demand, and even if you’re not planning to offer your services to outside customers, you can save money for your firm by doing these things for yourself.

This twelve week online course is divided into three parts: First you’ll learn everything you need to pass the FAA Part 107 licensing exam. Second you’ll learn to pilot the drone safely and effectively, and finally you’ll learn to manage a fleet within the context of your business.

Your instructor is Keven Gambold. Keven completed 21 years of active duty service with the Royal Air Force as a front-line combat pilot. In 2010 he founded Unmanned Experts, where he is currently CEO. 

Keven is a highly rated instructor. He’s funny and thoughtful and you’ll love spending time learning with him.

We are guaranteeing success on the Part 107 licensing exam for the first fifteen people who take the course. If you don’t pass on the first try we’ll refund your exam fee and let you take the course again for free.

This course exists because our customers told us they see this as a huge opportunity for their business. As soon as you enroll we’ll be on the journey together.