As education goes digital, the big fear is that we’ll have fewer opportunities to connect with great people who might help to transform our lives and careers. We think the opposite is true. As our company grows, we’re doubling down on personal relationships and building professional community.

Why Hire a Community Builder?

  1. We work with amazing marketing partners who provide a trusted voice and perspective within the industry. We want our courses to be ‘gas on the flames’ of existing communities. A vehicle to enhance existing relationships and elevate the conversation within those industries.
  2. Every course sits at the intersection of many common interests. People don’t take our courses out of casual curiosity. They’re hard. You’ve got to be motivated. Every great community has shared values and buy-in from a variety of stakeholders. A great course is a celebration of those shared values.
  3. Experts make the best leaders. The experts we hire to teach courses are the best in their industry. Tops in their field. They crave community just like everybody else, and it’s tremendously rewarding for them to teach hungry, engaged students. Creating an environment where these interactions happen regularly is our reason for existing.
  4. We can leverage other events, tools, and technologies to build bigger, more engaged communities. We teach online, but still love conferences and offline events as a way to build relationships. We live in a golden age of social media and low-cost technology that has us connecting in more ways than ever.

The fact that all of these ingredients are in place represents an amazing opportunity, but community doesn’t build itself. It needs to be somebody’s job to architect and spark the activity we desire. That’s why we decided to hire a Community Builder.

Why Will Gabrielle Be a Great Community Builder?

Gabby grew up on a farm in Connecticut with two sisters. She majored in math at Simmons College and helped launch and grow Boston-based non-profit Invest in Girls, which teaches financial literacy to high school girls. She’s a certified yoga instructor and works with passionate entrepreneurs through her start-up consulting firm, Bootstrapped Consulting. She’s a self-described “adventure-seeking optimist.” Gabby builds community in her sleep, with everyone she meets, and loves being a connector and an advocate for people and topics she’s passionate about.

We’re lucky to have Gabrielle joining us. I encourage every instructor, partner, and alumni to reach out to her. She’s accessible and enthusiastic, and it’s her job to make your professional life better.

Gabrielle can be reached at or (800) 393-2044 ext. 2.