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Top designers of commercial geothermal systems at some point become IGSHPA Certified GeoExchange Designers (CGD). The CGD course has always included video instruction and support from the author of the IGSHPA design manual, tools, exercises, and exam fees. Starting  in the summer of 2015, the course now includes full access to LoopLink PRO – next generation commercial design software from the authors of the IGSHPA design guide.

Here’s Why We’re Including Software

When it comes to learning or improving a skill, there’s no better approach than hands-on, project-based learning. For commercial geothermal designers, that means designing commercial geothermal systems. Commercial designers invariably using software to do something this complex, and LoopLink PRO corresponds exactly with the IGSHPA standards. The authors of the IGSHPA manual are the authors of LoopLink PRO. They’re also your instructors for the course. Through the software, they can look at your design projects and offer feedback on what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. It’s the perfect teaching tool, and we’ve been waiting years for the software to be ready for this.

Top Three Reasons LoopLink PRO is Crazy (Good)

  1. Web-Based: Use the software anywhere, anytime.  Always up to date. No need to worry about losing project files.
  2. Project Sharing: Share a project with anyone in the world. Enter an email address and send the invite. It doesn’t matter if they have an active account, invite anyone to join your team.
  3. Drag and Drop + Modular Projects: Our “Zone Group” construct allows the engineer to drag and drop zones from one active loopfield to another. Use energy-sharing capabilities of a geo system to optimize a ground loop design.

cgd-emblemStart learning right now – check out the free 2-hour lecture from Dr. Charles Remund: Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump System Design