batterycapstoneISPQ Master trainer and solar legend Christopher LaForge is teaching a class on designing battery based solar PV systems. The capstone project for the class is design a complete battery based solar PV system.

This is an intensive six-week training with solar legend Christopher LaForge. PV systems that employ batteries require significant design considerations. Whether you’re using batteries for back up when the grid goes down or as part of a stand-alone, off-grid system, choose the best fit and size for your project can be challenging.This course provides in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding the use of batteries for residential PV applications. It covers battery design, specification, use, and maintenance.
To the left is an exemplary capstone project — like one you’ll complete for the course. It will include a complete load analysis, battery bank sizing, conductor and OCPD sizing, installed costs and complete equipment bill of materials.

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The most critical item for designing a battery based solar system is the load analysis. You must get the analysis correct in order to size the battery bank correctly, and then match the array production to the battery size. Watch this video interview, in which Chris discusses proper analysis.

Learn about the basics of proper analysis

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