I caught up with John Siegenthaler this week and asked him what he’s working on. His answer didn’t disappoint. Aside from teaching courses on hydronic system design, biomass heating, and air-to-water heat pumps, here are the five things John is most excited about working on this Fall:

  1. Here are some photos and schematic of the air to water heat pump system at my son’s house in Albany. This system will be featured on “This Old House” in October or November.
  1. Finishing next (4th) edition of my textbook, “Modern Hydronic Heating & Cooling”. The latest edition will be out in early 2022.
  2. Working on next Caleffi “idronics” publication.  idronics is a semi-annual, complimentary journal of design innovation and is written for hydronic and plumbing professionals. The next issue will be released in January and the topic is: “Hydronics for net zero buildings”.
  3. Consulting work with NYSERDA on air-to-water heat pump systems.
  4. Designing & managing project to reconstruct a house owned by my niece, and lost to fire in this past April.

John is the industry’s best known author and instructor when it comes to hydronic system design. He’s also one of our top rated instructors. He’s a guy who loves what he does and it shows in the quality of his work.

Thanks for the update, John!