I met Spencer Wright during his time running the Bright Solar Futures program in Philadelphia. There he helped high school students study for and pass the NABCEP PV Associate exam using the HeatSpring platform. I was really impressed by the results that Spencer and his students were getting – that’s a lot to ask from high school students, but Spencer did an incredible job.

So when Spencer joined IronRidge as their training manager we started talking about ways to reach a bigger audience. I know Spencer is a great resource for new solar installers, and there’s not a ton of basic field videos in our course catalog, which skews more toward advanced, technical courses and NABCEP certification. The IronRidge on-demand content is a nice addition to our platform.

That’s why we’re proud to host the first half of IronRidge’s Solar PV Installation Certification training. Certification requires two steps: The first step is to pass an on-demand course called “IronRidge’s Installing on Pitched Roof – Comp Shingle – Course”. You can take that course right now. It’s available to anyone. Plus, it offers two NABCEP CEU hours.

Once you’ve passed that course, you’re eligible to schedule a hands-on training with Spencer’s team at IronRidge. Once you’re an IronRidge Certified Installer, you’ll be provided early notifications about new products and given access to free demo kits and sales tools via an online store.

HeatSpring isn’t presenting IronRidge as the only good option. We don’t benefit from the sale of their products. We’re educators and we provide our platform for anybody that wants to offer great training. If your company is like IronRidge and provides training that moves the industry forward, we hope you’ll consider making it available to the HeatSpring community. Please reach me directly – my contact information is in my bio and on the HeatSpring website.

Please consider adding to your solar knowledge by taking advantage of this new, free solar design and installation course.